Terms and conditions of delivery provided by Digital Revolution Ltd (the “Company”) trading as APEX Apple Premium Reseller.

  1. General Home Delivery terms

1.1  Free Deliveries

The Company delivers free of charge goods with a purchase value exceeding MUR 3,000

1.2  Other Deliveries

All purchases for a value below MUR 3,000 may also be delivered.

However, a delivery fee of MUR 300 will be charged for each delivery.

1.3  Delivery Access & Customer responsibilities

The customer must ensure adequate access at point of delivery to ensure a smooth and unimpeded delivery for our delivery personnel. If it is physically not possible to deliver the goods by reason of lack of access space or otherwise, then no delivery will be done.

The customer should ensure that all passageways and access ways to the point of delivery are free and clear of all obstacles so as to avoid loss and damage to the goods being delivered and/or injury and casualty to the delivery personnel.

The Company cannot be held accountable for loss or damage, either to the product(s) purchased or to the walls and/or floors and/or property of the customer’s home/premise due to an insufficient margin of maneuverability and/or presence of obstacles or other impediments in passageways, doorways, hallways and staircases at the point of delivery.

  1. Inspection & Acceptance of delivered items by Customer

The customer should inspect the delivered product(s) carefully. Any loss or damage found should be immediately reported to the delivery personnel and noted in writing on the delivery slip.

The Company will not accept responsibility for loss or damage found after the delivery personnel have left the delivery site.

Once the customer (or his/her representative, servant or agent) has inspected the goods and has signed his/her acceptance on the delivery slip noting any loss or damage, it is agreed that the delivery slip then constitutes evidence of the condition of the delivered items.

  1. Client (or representative) not on site to accept delivery

In case of the customer (or his/her representative, servant or agent) not being on site to accept the delivery, the Company will have no alternative but to return the goods to the warehouse and reschedule the delivery, which will, in this case, be charged to the customer.

  1. Person accepting delivery and sales invoice copy retained

If the customer is unable to personally accept delivery of the goods, he/she has to ensure that there is a responsible adult at the point of delivery to receive the goods as they will have to be signed for. The sales invoice should be left with the person receiving the delivery together with the receiver’s ID card/passport for control purposes. No delivery will be done to children.

  1. Deliveries to statutory or corporate bodies

In the case of deliveries to statutory or corporate bodies, or of deliveries on construction sites, the person making the arrangements at time of purchase for the delivery of the goods MUST provide the name and telephone number of the person who will be accepting the delivery on behalf of the purchaser so that a proper appointment may be arranged by our personnel for same.

  1. Pending Deliveries

In case of deliveries to be effected at later dates (pending deliveries),  the customer understands and agrees that the Company will only store the goods for a limited period, not exceeding 30 days. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the Company when to deliver.

  1. Delivery Times

The Company may not offer a precise timed delivery service.

However, APEX endeavors to ensure its best to accommodate with the customer’s request. In no circumstances shall the Company be liable for any loss, damage, cost, charge or expense, claim or liability whatsoever caused by any delay in delivering goods.

  1. Collect in-store

Collection time will vary according to the opening hours of the store or the pick-up collection point.

The Company will confirm by email or phone as soon as your product(s) is/are ready for collection at the requested collection point.

You will have to show your National Identity Card (NIC)/passport as proof of identity as well as quoting your Order Number before delivery or collection of goods.

Your NIC/passport number will be noted by our agent at the chosen pick-up point.

  1. Amendment to the present policy

The Company may at any time amend or modify the terms of the present Delivery and Collect In-Store policy without prior notice to you. Any amendment or modification made thereto will be communicated to you via e-mail at the address provided by you or through our website